Sunday, March 13, 2011

bagaimana nak rampas suami orang??

aku terbaca satu artikel dalam forum kalau tak silap..tentang petua nak rampas suami orang..aku dah lupa la laman web apa..
ada ke patut dan ada juga petua-petua nak meruntuhkan masjid orang..hehe
macam-macam sekarang ni..buku pun ada juga...tajuknya "How To Steal a Husband"

kata-katanya macam ni (sue iskandar.Alor star)

"Even if the person is totally content and in love with there wife there will be times when they are more vulnerable than others.

This is when you crank their levels of dopamine. In a lab rats will crawl across a hot plate for it but they will not do this for food even if they are starving. You want to turn to them in to a dopamine addict. Give them an oxytocin fix when they are around you. This calmness will be their reward.

Also find out what his criteria for compatability is and tick as many boxes as you can. For say the husband loves Rugby but his wife can't stand it. Say you love it too. Become a mirror to him. Most men love mirrors. LOL. Hint at a better future but don't directly offer him it. Get to know the wife. If she likes you - she will sing your praises for you. Lend him movies you know he will love.

Soon as they are out of sight crank the dopamine levels back up.

Back home with the wife they will be aggitated, moody, restless and unhappy. Do things to keep you on their mind from morning until night. This will litterally drive them crazy. Be illusive. Send mixed messages.
Say you went out a lunch and bought an obscene amount of sexy clothes.

When he starts to bite. Tell him its just for you. You also bought a huge toy. Give him enough visual clues to imagine it! The mind is sex organ!

In no time at all his marriage will be wrecked and you will be the amazing woman he has to have.""

isk...tak nak lah fikir..dan tak nak lagi dah buat en3 macam ni..^O^

Terima Kasih..sila komen,klik nuffnang dan churp2 jika suka entry ini

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  1. perampas suami orang memang bodoh tak berhati perut!!!


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